sunsetProviding health services across the continuum of care, our region weaves a fabric of relaxed, healthy rural lifestyle, complete with a strong sense of community and modern conveniences. In southern Manitoba, you’ll enjoy rural life at its best - complete with breathtaking landscape and brilliant skies. Our core values of integrity, compassion, excellence and respect are foundational in our journey as an organization. Our vision… Together leading the way for a healthier tomorrow… guides or organization, setting culture and tone to partner and support you in your health journey.

Southern Health-Santé Sud is a designated bilingual Regional Health Authority located in southern Manitoba (Canada), covering an area over 27 025 square kilometers wherein vibrant communities thrive including: 20 Rural Municipalities, 7 Municipalities, 4 cities, 4 towns, 1 village and 1 unorganized territory; 7 First Nation communities and many other cultures and communities including Métis, Hutterite, Francophone and Mennonite. With this rich tapestry of diversity, we are proud to serve over 207 855 residents, the fastest growing population in Manitoba.

In Southern Health-Santé Sud, people come first. We are proud to partner with the many communities in our region to deliver a spectrum of quality health care services. Our over 6 0001 employees are inspired to put people at the very centre of their work, every day, creating a culture that provides a positive experience and, ultimately, together optimal health for all.

4 800 Southern Health-Santé Sud employees; 1 200 Affiliate & Community Owned Not for Profit sites.