What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of information technology to link people to health care expertise at a distance. A high-speed, secure, video link is used to connect a patient to a medical specialist or other health care professional at another site in Manitoba. You are able to see, hear and talk to your care provider on a television screen and they will be able to see, hear and talk to you. Manitoba’s Telehealth Network, MBTelehealth also provides Southern Health-Santé Sud with professional education programs and administrative support to help provide a seamless service.

Bringing Services Closer to Home

Every year, more and more people are using MBTelehealth services in health care. Telehealth improves access to specialized services that may not be available in communities, saving you and the health care system time, money and risks associated with travel. At a time when you may need emotional and physical help, Telehealth allows you to access care while remaining close to family, friends and community supports. As part of the network, Télésanté Manitoba is an integral service-delivery option whereby Telehealth units located in bilingual communities connect bilingual health facilities and health care providers throughout the region and the province. Servir avec plaisir!

If you think you could benefit from this service, ask your health care provider for more information.

List of Telehealth Sites

Altona Community Memorial Health Centre

Altona, MB | T 204-324-6411 | F 204-324-1299

Carman Memorial Hospital

Carman, MB | T 204-745-2021 | F 204-745-2756

Gladstone Health Centre

Gladstone, MB | T 204-385-2968 | F 204-385-2663

La Broquerie - Telehealth

La Broquerie, MB | T 204-424-5880 | F 204-424-5888

Portage Clinic

Portage la Prairie, MB | T 204-857-3445 | F 204-239-1278

Centre de santé St. Claude Health Centre

St. Claude, MB | T 204-379-2211 | F 204-379-2600

Centre médical Seine

Ste. Anne, MB | T 204-422-8811 | F 844-289-6779

Bethesda Regional Health Centre

Steinbach, MB | T 204-326-6411 | F 204-326-6931

Lorne Memorial Hospital

Swan Lake, MB | T 204-836-2132 | F 204-836-2044

Vita & District Health Centre

Vita, MB | T 204-425-3804 | F 204-425-3731

Boundary Trails Health Centre

Winkler, MB | T 204-331-8800 | F 204-331-8804

Clinic - Eden Mental Health Centre

Winkler, MB | T 204-325-4325 | F 204-325-8429


This symbol identifies sites offering health services in both English and French


Affiliate Health Corporations and Community Owned Not for Profit sites operate through a signed Service-Purchase Agreement with Southern Health-Santé Sud