It has been said that ‘Taking care of our children is the most important, most wonderful and often the most challenging job in our society’ and we couldn’t agree more.

This is why Southern Health-Santé Sud’s Families First program focuses on building strong family relationships and connecting families with resources to best meet your needs.

hispanic family with babyWorking with families in the community, the public health nurses identify areas where the family may benefit from information, support and/or additional resources. One of these resources is Families First which offers home visiting supports, supporting positive parenting to families with children, from pregnancy to age five by:

  • developing strong family relationships
  • making connections with community resources to meet their needs
  • providing information about parent/child attachment, childhood development (social, emotional, physical and cognitive) and safety

To support newcomers, some Home Visitors are able to speak a number of languages, helping to meet the diversity needs in our region.

For more information, please call a Public Health-Healthy Living office near you.