Personal Care Homes

Resident and Family Councils are made up of persons who either live in a personal care home or are friends and relatives of the residents. These councils facilitate improved communication and collaboration between family members and facility staff and management regarding the many programs and services available in your home.

Young female volunteer building wooden project with female residentOur ultimate goal is that residents are cared for with integrity, compassion, respect and excellence with access to many programs and services in a home-like environment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • meals (including meals for special diets)
  • assistance with daily living activities like bathing, getting dressed and using the bathroom
  • necessary nursing care
  • routine medical and surgical supplies
  • prescription drugs eligible under Manitoba’s Personal Care Home Program
  • physiotherapy and occupational therapy, if the facility is approved to provide these services
  • routine laundry and linen services

The cost of the above services is shared between you while living in a personal care home (through payment of your daily fee) and the provincial government (Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living).

Some personal care homes offer additional services (subject to additional fees):

  • massage
  • hairdressing
  • foot care
  • outings and activities

Nursing Services – Personal care home nursing personnel are provided in each personal care home based on the same base staffing levels and in accordance with established provincial standards. A registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse is in charge of care and personal and nursing care, provided by a mix of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed practical nurses and health care aides.

Standards - Each licensed personal care home in Manitoba must meet standards which are set in accordance with The Health Services Insurance Act Personal Care Home Standards Regulation. All personal care homes must meet the 26 Standards and are assessed minimally every two years.

Responsibility for Payment for Goods and Services for Residents of Personal Care Homes - The Personal Care Services Insurance and Administration Regulation under The Health Services Insurance Act states which goods and services are the resident’s responsibility and which are the responsibility of the personal care home. (See Table of Residential Charges).

Mobility Equipment – you will be responsible to pay for mobility equipment that will be used by only you while living in a personal care home, for example: special sheets, sliders or mechanical lift slings. You may be asked to purchase two of certain items for infection control purposes. Equipment is regularly inspected for cleanliness and safety and if deemed unsafe, some items may need to be replaced.

Escorts/Transportation - ambulance transportation costs are covered if it is medically necessary for you to be transferred by stretcher for specific care including acute medical care (hospital), specialized medical treatment or diagnostic services not available at the personal care home.

The nurse in the personal care home is responsible for choosing the most appropriate type of transportation (car, handivan, ambulance) and assignment of an escort if appropriate to safeguard your health and well-being. If the type of transportation is a car or handivan to access acute medical care (hospital), specialized medical treatment or diagnostic services, you are responsible for the costs of car or handivan transportation as well as related costs for an escort.

While living in a personal care home, you may incur transportation costs related to:

  • denturist, dentist, optometrist, cataract surgery and following eye examinations
  • visiting a family member
  • visiting a physician of your choice if not requested by your family physician
  • consults not deemed necessary by your doctor
  • recreational activities