Healthy eating is a key factor to promote good health

basket of tomatoes and peppersThere are great benefits to leading a lifestyle that includes eating healthy and being active: feeling and looking better, lowering your risk of disease, increasing energy, maintaining a healthy body weight, building stronger muscles and bones and improving your overall health. Families and caregivers play an important role in creating a positive eating environment. The early years are a great time for young children to discover new foods and develop a love of eating healthy. Our teenagers also need to eat healthy because they are still growing and developing. For more information on healthy eating, access the Canada Food Guide available in 10 different languages. 

Registered Dietitians – here to support you!

Registered Dietitians are essential members of the health care team and are located across the region in hospitals, personal care homes, community settings, primary care centres and clinics. Registered Dietitians are part of the Chronic Disease Education Teams and My Health Teams.

Dietitians will:

  • Provide individual outpatient nutritional counseling. Clients and their supports (family, friends, caregivers/parents, and spouse) are welcome to attend.
  • Facilitate group visits on various nutrition-related topics, which may include: balanced eating and portion control, reading nutrition labels, grocery shopping, meal planning, healthy cooking and healthy relationship with food as well as any nutrition related topic through the life cycle including infant feeding, cooking for seniors, cooking for one, cooking on a budget, women's health, sport nutrition, nutrition to support living with a chronic disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Dial a Dietitian

Would you like to see a registered dietitian in your community for nutrition counseling, but don’t know where to go? Call Manitoba’s Dial-a-Dietitian hotline 877-830-2892 to find out where you can access a registered dietitian or receive personal, professional and free nutrition information.