Pregnant stomach with child's hands making a heart shapeMidwives respect and support each woman's right to make choices about her care, caregiver and place of birth. We are here for you. In Southern Health-Santé Sud, midwives care for women in low-risk pregnancies with consideration to priority populations for a segment of the clientele including (but not limited to) Indigenous people, newcomers, single parents, teens, individuals that are under served, to name a few.

Establishing trusting relationships with our ‘moms to be’ and their families and quality care is our focus. Registered with the College of Midwives of Manitoba, midwives in Southern Health-Santé Sud:

  • follow the expectant mother through her entire childbirth cycle, giving prenatal care, education and advice, attending the birth in the setting of the woman’s choice – either at home or in a hospital - and following up with six weeks postpartum for mother and baby
  • are independent practitioners but will work collaboratively with your primary care provider if the need arises and for non-pregnancy related issues
  • practice in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, health units, community health centres, birth centres and homes (our current delivery sites are Boundary Trails Health Centre, Hôpital Ste-Anne Hospital, Portage District General Hospital and Bethesda Regional Health Centre)
  • are mandated to accept only low-risk pregnancies and will refer you to an alternative provider should the need arise during your pregnancy

If you would like to hear more about our midwifery services, please call 204-331-2167 (Winkler), 204-346-9480 (Steinbach), or by email. If you are seeking midwifery care and are outside the Southern Health-Santé Sud region, please visit the College of Midwives of Manitoba and click on “Manitoba Midwives”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Midwife?

A midwife is a specialist in normal childbirth, a skilled practitioner who assesses, monitors and provides care during your pregnancy, childbirth and the first 4-6 weeks postpartum. A midwife is dedicated to helping you and your family define and access your individual health choices in the childbearing year. Your pregnancy and birth is a normal state for healthy women and we promote normal birth without unnecessary or routine intervention. Your midwives are the primary caregivers for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. If you choose midwifery services, you will not see a physician during pregnancy unless an indication for consultation or transfer of care arises. If it does, we have excellent communication with the wide range of health care providers in the community to help serve you. Midwives provide continuity of care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We look forward to having you meet and get to know our small team of midwives.

Can I have a midwife if I’m planning a hospital birth?

Since midwives became part of the formal health care system, we have been able to obtain hospital privileges and can now attend births in the hospital. In Southern Health-Santé Sud, midwives are currently attending births at Boundary Trails Health Centre, Hôpital Ste-Anne Hospital, Centre de santé Notre-Dame Health Centre and Bethesda Regional Health Centre. Midwives focus on improving the quality of your pregnancy experience, helping you stay as healthy as possible. The personal time, intensive prenatal care provided by midwives, with its emphasis on education, prevention and healthy living, will help you approach your birth feeling prepared and comfortable with your attendant. Your midwife will be with you through most of your active labour and brief hospital stay. You midwife will provide you with postpartum care, support, and resources.

I’m interested in having my baby at home, but some people say it’s not safe. Is it?

Studies and statistics from home birth practices and European countries where home birth continues to be a common option demonstrate that birth at home is a safe choice for healthy, low-risk mothers with skilled attendants. There are different risks to both hospital and home birth. We discuss and explore the factors that improve the safety of your chosen place of birth. The College of Midwives of Ontario, after carefully examining the evidence, has concluded that home is the location in which birth is most likely to remain normal. In fact, Registered Midwives are required to be skilled and competent to attend births in all settings, thereby protecting a woman’s right to choose birth at home. Footnotes: 1. I.R.C.M. Statement on Birth, June 1991, p.2; Canadian Medical Journal Study on Homebirth Safety.

Are midwives anti-hospital or technology?

No. Absolutely not. The best maternity care occurs when there is cooperation between midwives and obstetricians, whose specialized skills can be essential in high-risk situations. Although most normal births require little or no intervention, midwives are trained in emergency skills and carry emergency equipment such as oxygen and resuscitation equipment, and anti-hemorrhagic drugs to all births. Hospital back-up and emergency equipment are important to the safety of home birth. Registered midwives must practice in accordance with standards set by the College of Midwives of Manitoba. These standards include detailed guidelines about when to consult with or transfer care to a physician.

Can I afford midwifery care?

The full course of midwifery care, which includes prenatal, birth and postpartum care, is fully funded by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.

I am a midwifery client and have a question or concern – who do I call?

Please call your midwife at the telephone number you were provided. If they are not available, feel free to leave a voice mail message.

Where do I get more information on midwifery services in Southern Health-Santé Sud?

If you would like to hear more about our midwifery services, please call 204-331-2167 (Winkler), 204-346-9480 (Steinbach), or by email. If you are seeking midwifery care and are outside the Southern Health-Santé Sud region, please visit the College of Midwives of Manitoba and click on “Manitoba Midwives”.