Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be devastating. We know that a diagnosis of cancer affects not only the physical body, but also the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of a person and their loved ones. The cancer journey is often complex and overwhelming. Most people find that learning about cancer and its treatment, understanding the various members of their health care team and receiving support for the emotional and practical issues related to the cancer helps to ease their distress.

To support you in your journey, Cancer Navigation Services can guide and support you with a regional team of compassionate health care professionals with specialized training in cancer care and navigation, helping you in making informed decisions while reducing your distress and anxiety. Ask your health provider regarding Cancer Navigation Services as well as provincial initiatives including the Community Cancer Programs Network and the centralized intake for endoscopies - programs with a focus to improve the quality of the cancer patient experience.

For more information on CancerCare Services and the Community Cancer Program Network, please call your closest centre or 855-623-1533 or visit CancerCare Manitoba.