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Please ensure that you remain informed by reviewing all information that is shared and implement Calls to Actions as applicable. 

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Call to Action - April 25, 2022: COVID-19 Vaccines - Storage and Handling

Call to Action - April 19, 2022: Recommendations for Immunization Post COVID-19 Infection

Call to Action - April 14, 2022: COVID-19 Vaccine and Storage Updates, PCR Testing Access, Pre-op Testing Update

Call to Action - April 13, 2022: Manitoba COVID-19 Vaccine: Clinical Practice Guidelines

Call to Action - April 12, 2022: Staff Booster Session - Resiliency Through Self Repair

Call to Action - April 8, 2022: Access to PCR Testing in Primary Care, Approach to Influenza-like Illness/Covid-19 for Community Partners

Call to Action - April 7, 2022: Vaccine Updates - Second Booster Dose, Vaccine Confidence Info Bulletin

Call to Action - April 5, 2022: Staff Screening & Return to Work, OESH Team

Call to Action - April 1, 2022: Changes to Return to Work Guidance - Effective April 6, 2022

Call to Action - March 31, 2022: Occupational and Environmental Safety & Health, COVID-19 PCR Testing Information

Call to Action - March 25, 2022: Specialty Care Area Resources

Call to Action - March 24, 2022: IP&C Guidance, Screening Tool for Management & COVID Treatment Poster

Call to Action - March 23, 2022: IP&C Guidance PCH, Specific Disease Protocol, Highlights and Testing & Clearance LTC

Call to Action - March 15, 2022: Manitoba's COVID-19 Health System Recovery Plan

Call to Action - March 14, 2022: Ramping Down of Infection Prevention & Control Weekend On Call Coverage