Call to Action - February 18, 2021 - Precision Air N95

Precision Air N95

Southern Health-Santé Sud will be implementing a new made-in-Manitoba N95 respirator – the Precision AIR N95.  The Precision AIR N95 respirator is a locally manufactured medical device, developed with the input of clinical leaders to ensure safety, clear communication and comfort, for the wearer. Approved by Health Canada for use as a medical device, the reusable N95 offers reliable protection to health care workers and a sustainable source of ongoing supply.

Initial fit testing in the province has demonstrated a high level of success and we are excited to introduce this respirator over the coming weeks, with a goal of transitioning a significant number of our direct care providers to this new device.

Beginning in March, fit testing will commence for direct care providers deemed as “no fit”, as well as those currently working in the Operating Room, Emergency Department, Critical Care, and MRI. Staff working in these areas at the three regional centres (BRHC, BTHC, PDGH) can expect to be scheduled for a fit test appointment between March 1 – April 9.

Benefits of the Precision AIR N95:

  • Able to be manually cleaned and disinfected AND Medical Device Reprocessing washer/disinfector equipment friendly.
  • Allows for clear communication
  • 2-way filters
  • Ecofriendly reusable device with 30 uses
  • Lightweight silicone with adjustable straps
  • Designed for comfort and protection

Leads at the three regional centres (or delegates) review and share with staff.