Call to Action - February 22, 2021 - Staff Booster Session - Managing COVID-19 Information Overload

Managing COVID-19 Information Overload

COVID-19 has challenged health system workers to change how we conduct ourselves in the workplace, our homes and our social connections. These changes can sometimes feel overwhelming.

To support health system workers, Shared Health and our Psychological Health & Safety Committee partners have brought together skilled trainers from across the province to facilitate a number of Staff Booster Sessions.

The Staff Booster Sessions are short, timely, and relevant presentations designed to fit into busy schedules. Between 15 and 20 minutes in length, topics will include stress management, self-care and dealing with uncertainty. Booster Sessions are available at specific times throughout the week to ensure staff from different agencies, even staff on overnight shifts, are able to attend. Booster Sessions will be recorded and later made available as a streaming video on demand.

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The global impact of COVID-19 resulted in an urgent need to provide strategies to Manitobans to reduce the spread of the virus. This has led to an overwhelming amount of related information on a daily basis.  Healthcare providers are uniquely impacted by information overload as they often are required to process a high volume of information related to COVID-19 as part of their work, including updates to best practices,
changes in local regulations, and institutional protocols. Many also feel an obligation to address misinformation and to help inform their social networks and communities. This session will focus on concrete
strategies for managing COVID-19 information overload in the health-care context. It will also offer tips around how to meaningfully disconnect to help maintain psychological health and resilience.

Leads (or delegates) review and share the printable memo with staff.

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