The B. Braun Infusomat® is the provincially approved Large Volume Infusion Pumps (LVIP) selected to replace all end-of-life Baxter Colleague systems. The transition to the new pumps will occur in our region throughout the month of February, 2023 in a staged approach. This work has already been completed in a number of other Service Delivery Organizations to date. The equipment change will require education on the infusion pump, updated IV monographs, and the use of new proprietary consumables (IV sets). As with any project this large, there are many moving parts and programs affected. Training on infusion systems is an Accreditation Canada Required Organization Proactive (ROP) and must be completed with any new system adoption like this and every 2 years thereafter.

Implementation Completed February 24, 2023! 

Education Resources

There are 2 parts to the training requirements:  

  • Mandatory LMS “B Braun Infusomat” Module (1 hour). This module should be completed within 2 weeks of your site’s Go-Live date. It must be completed prior to attendance at the classroom. Using the keyword 'Braun' in the search bar at the top right of the page will display the online course and allow registration. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. *Reminder: LMS courses do not reliably function on mobile devices. It is best to take LMS courses on a computer at this time. 

Proof of completion must be presented at the time of the classroom session (printed certificate or an image of the completion on your mobile device). 

  • Hands-On Classroom Training - Please see your local educator to set up a session.
Education Resources

CCMB Specific:




Cleaning and Disinfection

Source:  Infection Prevention & Control - Shared Health - Health Providers ( under Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) section.