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What’s New?

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COPD Non-Pharmacological Management 

The new COPD Non-Pharmacological Management course is now available in the Shared Health Learning Management System (LMS).

This 30-minute course provides clinical staff who work with people with COPD an overview of how to assist people in managing this chronic condition. It provides health care professionals  with the skills and knowledge needed to educate and support their patients in important non-pharmacological self-management. Topics include: smoking cessation, management of dyspnea, energy conservation, managing anxiety, exercise and weight management.

The intended audience is front line staff that interact with people with COPD. It is also of benefit to anyone who is interested in improving care for people with COPD. This final module in the COPD series joins The COPD System of Care, COPD Basics, COPD Understanding Respiratory Medication and COPD Action Plans live in LMS.

Instructions on how to access this course in the LMS

  1. Go to the LMS log in page either through our SH-SS Health Provider Site (HPS) under the Self-Learning Resources, or by clicking this link  (Your pop-up blocker must be disabled. Refer to the LMS - Frequently Asked Questions for instructions).
  2. Create an LMS account (if you don’t already have one). A work email address is required (keep a record of your log in info as this will not expire), also don’t forget to enter your EEID# (enter 0’s for the SAP# field if prompted to fill out that field) so you are credited for the course.
  3. Log into the LMS.
  4. Use the Search feature (top right) to find COPD Non-Pharmacological Management and then click Register.
  5. Launch and complete the course. It does not need to be finished in one sitting.

Detailed instructions are in this document: LMS - Quick Reference Guide