• Interim Guidance Public Health Measures - Managing COVID-19 Cases and Contacts in Community, click here (revised: April 6)
  • Screening tool for Public Health and Health Links-Info-Santé, click here (revised: April 6)

Alternative Isolation Accommodation 

  • Guidance for Alternative Isolation Accommodations, click here (added: Dec 17)
  • Alternative Isolation Accommodation Referral Form, click here (revised: Nov 30)

Collection of Identifiers

  • Capturing Racial, Ethnic, Indigenous Identify: Collection of Identifiers, click here (rev: May 1)


  • COVID-19 Case Investigation Form, click here (revised: January 13)
  • COVID-19 Case Investigation Form User Guide, click here (revised: October 15)
  • COVID-19 Contact Investigation Form, click here (revised: October 13)
  • COVID-19 Contact Investigation Form User Guide, click here (revised: October 15)
  • Temperature self-monitoring forms: English, French
  • Exposure Assessment Tool,  click here (added: Feb 12, 2021)

Fact Sheets

  • Self-isolation, click here
  • What do I do while waiting for my test results, click here (revised: April 4)
  • What to do if you are positive for COVID-19 and in self-isolation, click here
  • Isolation For Individuals with Symptoms and/or Waiting for COVID-19 Results, English (revised: March), Additional Languages
  • Self-Isolation (Quarantine) & Self-Monitoring for Returning Travellers and Contacts of Cases, English, French (revised: March), Additional Languages
  • How to Care for a person with COVID-19 at home, English (revised: March), Additional Languages
  • Self-Monitoring and Possible Public Exposures to COVID-19, English, French (added: March)
  • COVID-19: pregnancy, birthing and bringing baby home, English, French
  • Asymptomatic Testing for Travel to First Nations/Indigenous and Norther Relations Communities, English, French (added March)