Acute Resources
  • COVID-19 ED/UC Algorithm, English, French (added: March 29)
  • COVID-19 Outbreak Protocols for Acute Care Admissions, click here (revised: October 20)
  • AGMP in Hospital, click here (revised: October 27)
  • AGMP in Hospital Pediatrics, click here (revised: November 1)
  • Clarification - Urgent AGMP in Green Zone Patients, click here (released: December 21)
  • COVID-19 Outbreak Reporting tool, click here (revised: November 10)
  • Notification  Process - Acute Outbreak, click here (added: January 6)
  • PPE Guidance for Inpatient AGMP, click here (added: December 24)
  • Inpatient Masking, memo, Letters for inpatients - English, French  (revised: March 15)
  • Use of Tocilizumab for COVID-19 Indication, click here (added: February 4)
  • COVID Vaccine Administration Algorithm, click here (added: April 6)
  • Clinic Reference Moderna Vaccine For Immunizers, click here (added: April 6)

Standard Order Sets

  • COVID-19 Suspect/Confirmed Post-Intubation, click here (revised: Sept 24)
  • COVID-19 Suspect or Confirmed Case, click here (revised: Sept 24)

Code Blue

  • Guidelines for code blue in COVID-19 positive or suspect adult inpatients, click here (revised: May 5)
  • Adult Emergency Medicine - Guidelines for Code Blue, click here (revised: May 5)
  • Protected code blue - for cardiac arrest on a COVID-19 ward or ICU in a suspect/confirmed COVID patient, click here (revised: April 2)
  • COVID-19 intubation flow map, click here (revised: May 5)

Visitation Principles

  • COVID-19 Essential Care Partner and Visitor Guidelines for Acute Care - Provincial response Level Red, click here (added: March 15)
    • Letter to patients/families on expanding visitor access - English, click here (revised: January 29)
    • Letter to patients/families on expanding visitor access - French, click here (revised: January 29)

COVID-19 Positive Inpatient Discharge Package

  • Discharge Information for Staff, click here (rev: May 14)
  • Discharge Information for Patients (Eng (rev: May 14) and Fr (rev: May 16)
  • Discharge Information for Caregivers (Eng and Fr) (rev: May 16)
  • Temperature Self-Monitoring Form (Eng and Fr) (rev: August 19)
  • Alternative Isolation Accommodation Referral form, click here
Surgical Resources

COVID-19 Revised Algorithms for Surgical Cases in Operating Rooms, click here (revised: March 29)

  • Provincial Guidance on Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures and Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Endoscopy and Nasogastric Tube Placement, click here (revised: May 6)
  • COVID-19 Risk Stratification for Surgical Patients, click here (revised: February 23)
  • COVID-19 Anesthesia OR PPE Cart, click here (revised: March 28)
  • Provincial Guidance on the Expansion of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Services,  click here (revised: May 29)