Call to Action - January 11, 2021 - Inpatient Masking

Inpatient Masking - REVISED January 25, 2021

A memo regarding inpatient use of Level 1 Procedure masks was released.  This is only for inpatients in acute care sites.  The Personal Protective Equipment ‘Patients’ table has also been updated to reflect this change.

  • All acute care sites are to submit an order to Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Level 1 masks.  The SKU for this product is 90001.  They come in a box of 50.  Sites can expect receipt of these orders later this week.
  • Sites are to implement this process once they have received the masks. 
  • Sites are asked to label the boxes of Level 1 masks as ‘Patient/Visitor Use’ prior to putting these out on the floor.  This is to minimize risk of staff accessing Level 1 masks instead of Level 3 masks. If possible, the labels should be printed with a background color to emphasize the difference.

Leads (or delegates) review and implement accordingly.

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