Primary care… it’s about getting the right service, by the right provider, at the right time!

Keeping you healthy! Primary Health Care is your first point of contact with the health care system. Your care will be coordinated between multiple service providers to ensure we focus on better care for you and your family to stay healthy and prevent illness.

family of 4Primary Care services provides many options to support you in your health journey:

  • faster access
  • options to get care outside office hours
  • access to a regular primary health care provider such as a doctor or a nurse practitioner who are part of a team (such as dietitian, midwife, occupational therapist)
  • a greater focus on promoting good health and preventing disease
  • access to a person’s health information by health providers involved in their care
  • better connections between health and other sectors in coordinating your care
  • better communication on how to find resources, and how to access needed information within a large, institutional health care system
  • involvement in your own care and health care decisions
  • a 'door' to care for those who might not look for or know where to go for service