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SteAnne Hospital


Visiting Hours

Southern Health-Santé Sud acknowledges the importance of families in the provision of care and comfort to patients. Families are welcome during times most suitable to the patient.

General visiting hours - 12:00 - 8:00 pm

  • Electrocardiogram

    Click here for more information on electrocardiograms.

  • Emergency Department

    What you can expect on your emergency department visit: You will be registered and assessed by the triage nurse. You will need to provide your health history, i.e. allergies or special diet, medications, medical conditions and current contact information. Please have your Manitoba Health Card ready. You may be asked to sit in the waiting room; the most critically ill or injured patients will be seen first. Emergency department staff work as a team to give you the best possible care. Always tell the triage nurse if you are feeling worse, need to step outside or leave the hospital. You may need blood work, x-rays or other medical tests to determine the best treatment. While in the emergency department, thank you for respecting the privacy and care of all our patients and, remember: It’s safe to ask any questions. The schedule for Health Centre Emergency Departments is updated weekly. Please call the nearest Health Centre to confirm hours of operation.

  • Laboratory

    Click here for a listing of lab services in our region and hours of operation.

  • Obstetrics
    Parents have many choices when it comes to delivering their baby. Please speak with your health care provider about your care needs. As required, you may require referral to a different site if your care needs or desired options exceed that which can be provided at this site.
  • Surgery

    Ask your health care provider for more information regarding surgery offered at this site.

  • X-Ray

    Click here for a listing of sites that perform X-rays in our region and hours of operation.

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