• PCH/TCC Communications & Symptom Guidelines, click here (revised: August 4)
  • Infection Prevention & Control Guidance for PCH/TCC, click here (revised: April 9)
  • Infection Prevention & Control Checklist for PCH/TCC, click here (revised: January 11)
  • Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures in PCH/TCC, click here (revised: December 3)
  • PCH/TCC COVID-19 suspect/positive Code Blue, click here (revised: June 16)
  • PCH/TCC Resident Visitation Principles, click here (revised: April 6)
  • PCH/TCC Visitor IP&C Teaching Resource List, click here (revised: July 24)
  • Stop and Watch poster, click here (rev: Sept 4)
  • Visitation Shelter Construction guidelines, click here (added: Oct 23)
  • Outbreak Reporting Tool to Regional Incident Command, click here (revised: December 17)
  • Cohorting Guidelines, click here (released: Nov 30)
  • PCH/TCC Visitor & Designated Caregiver IP&C Teaching Resource List, click here (released: Dec 9)
  • IP&C COVID-19 Refresher for PCH/TCC, click here (released: Dec 21)
  • Vaccination Letter for Families of PCH/TCC residents, English, French (released: Feb 18)

Surveillance of PCH - by Health Protection Unit

  • Surveillance of PCH for IP&C Practices, click here (released: December 22)
  • Public Health Inspectors IP&C Checklist, click here (released: December 24)

Standard Order Sets

  • COVID-19 Confirmed Medication Standard Orders, click here (revised: Sept 24)
  • PCH COVID-19 Vaccine Standard Order - click here, memo - click here, Autoimmune Disorder - click here (released: Jan 8)
  • PCH Medication Standing Orders, click here (approved: June 2019, added: January 8)
Communication Process
  • Confirmed COVID-19 client or staff in a PCH/TCC, click here (revised: December 20)
Asymptomatic Staff Surveillance Testing - Pilot Project
  • News Release - COVID-19 Asymptomatic Surveillance Testing Introduced in Three Personal Care Homes, click here (added: Dec 18)
  • COVID-19 Asymptomatic Pilot Project in PCH, click here (added: Dec 18)
  • COVID-19 Protocols and Asymptomatic Testing FAQs, click here (added: Dec 18)
Outbreak Posters
Mental Health Posters